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Lumigan (Bimatoprost)
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Product Information


Lumigan 0.03% is an eye solution that contains 0.3mg/ml of the active ingredient Bimatoprost. It also contains the following inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic, citric acid and purified water.


Bimatoprost is a synthetic prostamide analog used for the treatment of increased intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma and ocular hypertension. In glaucoma, the increased intraocular pressure is due to a blockage in the drainage system of eye fluid, and this pressure build-up leads to the damage of optic nerve fibers, gradually causing loss of sight. The cause of blockage is unknown, but doctors believe it is inherited from parents. Ocular hypertension on the other hand involves having intraocular pressure that is higher than normal but optic nerves are normal.


Lumigan is used for both medical condition because of its strong ocular hypotensive property. It mimics the effect of the naturally occurring prostamides in stimulating the outflow of the fluid called aqueous humour in the eyes through the drainage routes trabecular meshwork and uveoscleral route. It specifically acts on reducing the tonographic resistance to the outflow of aqueous humour, hence reducing intraocular pressure.


The active ingredient Bimatoprost is also indicated for the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis, but is available under a different brand name by Allergan called Latisse.




Lumigan is manufactured by Allergan




Patients must consult a medical professional prior to using Lumigan 0.03% for glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

The recommended dosage of Lumigan 0.03% is 1 drop of the solution to the affected eye, once daily at night. Make sure that the hands are clean before administering this medication. To administer, slightly tilt the head back, hold the eye open with clean fingers, and gently squeeze a drop of Lumigan to the affected eye then close the eye for 2 to 3 minutes. Press the inside corner of the eye gently for about a minute to avoid the eye solution from draining to the tear duct.


Contact lenses must be removed prior to Lumigan use and may be put back after 15 minutes of administering the medication to the eyes because the medication contains benzalkonium chloride which may be absorbed by the contact lenses.


The reduced intraocular pressure effect of Lumigan usually starts about 4 hours after administration, and the maximum effect may be reached in about 8 to 12 hours. Note that Lumigan must not be used more than once a day because frequent administration of prostaglandin analogs has been shown to reduce the effect of lowering intraocular pressure.




Patients with an allergy to Lumigan, its active ingredient Bimatoprost and all its inactive ingredients, must not use this medication. It is also contraindicated to patients with allergies to other drugs similar to Lumigan.


This medication is not recommended to patients below 16 years of age due to safety concerns.


Side effects


The most common side effect caused by Lumigan is conjunctival hyperemia or eye redness which occurs in about 31% of patients.


Other side effects reported in 1% to 4% patients using Lumigan include:

  • Conjunctival edema
  • Conjunctival hemorrhage
  • Eye irritation
  • Eye pain
  • Eye pruritus
  • Erythema of eyelid
  • Eyelids pruritus
  • Eyelashes growth
  • Hypertrichosis
  • Skin hyperpigmentation
  • Blurred vision or visual acuity reduced
  • Punctate keratitis
  • Eye discharge
  • Tearing
  • Light sensitivity


Seek medical help if any of the side effects persist or become worse. Stop using the medication if an allergic reaction occurs, with symptoms of hives, breathing difficulty, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat. Consult a physician for a complete list of side effects


Lumigan may also cause gradual discoloration of the iris and eyelids. Usually, the brown pigmentation is only noticeable after months or years of use. Iris pigmentation may be permanent, but eyelid discoloration may be reversed upon discontinuation of Lumigan. The medication may also cause changes in the eyelashes, like increased length, thickness, amount of lashes and color. These changes are also reversible upon discontinuation of Lumigan.


Warnings and Precautions


Inform a medical professional of other medical conditions and other medications being used to determine the safety of Lumigan and to avoid drug interaction. The physician must be informed of any of the following medical conditions:

  • Eye condition called uveitis
  • Any infection or swelling in or around the eyes
  • History of eye injury or eye surgery


Avoid constant contact of Lumigan to other skin parts as it may cause unwanted hair growth. The tip of Lumigan eye dropper must not touch any surface including hands or fingers to avoid contamination. Contaminated medication may cause eye infection or serious eye damage.


Lumigan may only be used by pregnant and lactating women only if there are no safer alternatives and only if the benefits outweigh the risks. Lumigan has been shown to cause fetal harm in animal studies, but no sufficient studies in humans. Studies has also shown that the drug is excreted in breast milk, but not known in human breast milk.


Caution is advised when driving or using heavy machineries. It is best to observe the effect of this medication on one’s eyesight before doing such activities because Bimatoprost may cause vision changes.


Lumigan and Alcohol


No food and drink limitation is necessary for Bimatoprost (Lumigan) does not interact with any.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Allergan Pharma