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Gabasign 300 mg (Gabapentin)

Gabasign 300 mg (Gabapentin) x30 30 $1.2 $36.00
Gabasign 300 mg (Gabapentin) x60 60 $1.1 $66.00
Gabasign 300 mg (Gabapentin) x90 90 $0.9 $81.00
Gabasign 300 mg (Gabapentin) x180 180 $0.7 $126.00
Gabasign 300 mg (Gabapentin) x360 360 $0.4 $144.00

Product description

Gabasign 300mg Tablet is one of the treatments for neuropathic pain. It is usually combined with other medications to help control seizures, and as an anticonvulsant medication for bipolar disorder. It works by calming the brain. It is sometimes also used to treat and relieve the nerve pain caused by shingles (a rash caused by herpes zoster infection) in adults.

Composition and manufacturer

This drug contains 300 MG Gabapentin as the main ingredient. It is manufactured by Hab Pharma.


You must follow instructions from your doctor strictly to minimize side effects. When it comes to dosage, you shouldn’t increase or decrease the quantity that is recommended by your doctor. In the case where you have missed a dose, do not attempt taking 2 doses simultaneously as this might be dangerous. If you accidentally overdose on this medication you should consult your doctor immediately. Gabasign 300 mg cap can be found at

Side effects

This drug normally comes with side effects that can include:

  • Blurred eyesight
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Weight gain
  • Throwing up or upset stomach
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Emotional instability
  • Hostility
  • Swelling in the legs and arms
  • Shakiness


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