As you all know, we are in a time where most of the world is trying to get rid of the CoronaVirus pandemic. This virus has killed over one million people and infected even more. Sadly it is expected that it will continue spreading. As a result, specific measures have been put in place to try to contain the spread of the virus. Some of the steps put in place to try and stop more spreading of the COVID-19 virus include the closure of schools, bars, and entertainment joints, cancellation of games and sports, working from home, and many more.

Although it might be disappointing to get the news that almost all gatherings, events, festivals and sports events have been canceled, we should keep in mind that it is for our own good and the wellness of public health. These steps are necessary to allow the health care systems to be able to care for the infected patients.

You’re most probably reading this blog from home since you’re following the government’s advisory to self-isolate. With all this going on, we are left with plenty of time in our hands and it is important to engage our brains with something that will distract us from the ongoing pandemic. Entertainment is the best way to escape stress and depression. Well, we are here with a few suggestions as to what books you can read and what hot Netflix series you can get glued to depending on whatever mood the current global situation has left you in. So while you are in isolation and wondering what to do to keep yourself busy, here are a few suggestions as to what you can read and watch.

Books you can read when Social Distancing.

This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel

In this winner of the 2018 Washington State Book Award, Rosie, Penn and their four children welcome a new member to their family. No one is surprised that it is another boy. Still, this big chaotic family already knows what to expect. The latest arrival in the family, Claude, is not like the rest of the boys, one day he puts on a dress and refuses to take it off and on another occasion he tries to carry a purse to school. He wishes for long hair and says when he grows up, he wants to be a girl. Rosie and Penn don’t think anything of it at first, because children do go through phases right, and he’ll soon get over it, they said to themselves. Soon enough the entire family was keeping Claude’s secret, but they couldn’t do that forever now could they?

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

In this book, doctor Marina Singh sets on an unsure journey into the highly infested Amazon jungle. She will have to submit herself to the hostile world that waits for her in the jungle—focused on finding her former mentor, doctor Annick Swenson, who was a researcher who vanished while trying to discover a valuable new drug. She will have to face her inner demons as she makes her way through this unforgiving heart of darkness.

Ape House by Sara Gruen

In this book by Sara Gruen, she furthers her study of a unique bond, this time round depicting a group of six bonobo apes. These apes have been kept in the fictional Great Ape Language Lab in Kansan city, where humans show up to either care for them or gain profits from their fantastic communication skills.

Sara Gruen spent two years in this Ape language laboratory, trying to study these bonobo apes before writing this exceptional piece of fiction where these apes learn American sign language and later escape after an explosion rocked the lab.

Best Netflix series to watch when keeping at home.

The Stranger

In case you have not watched The Stranger yet, then you truly have been missing out on a lot. This Netflix serie is based on a novel called The mystery thriller by Harlan Coben. It is about a woman who causes havoc in the life of a family man known as Adam Price by bringing forth some secrets from his wife’s past. By doing this, she brings forth a web of blackmail, murder, and deceit. This is an amazing solution to distract you from what is going on currently in the world.

Peaky Blinders

This popular BBC gangster drama on Netflix is available with the first four series already available for streaming now. Following world war one set in Birmingham, we follow Tommy Shelby, a war and gangster veteran who tries to expand the financial and ambitions of his family’s criminal territory. Being one of the most impressive series on television, Peaky Blinders is full of action, a pleasant soundtrack, and is super scheming too.

Queer Eye

With everything going on, you might need a dose of positivity and a bit of self-empowerment. If this is what you crave for then, Queer Eye is without doubt the tv show you should be checking out right now. In this series, five individuals visit the homes of people who need a life makeover. This hit series has four captivating seasons with a recent limited run which sees the whole group head out to Japan. If anything can cheer you up, then this is one.

The Keepers

When locked up in isolation and social distancing, true crime documentaries can come in handy and Netflix has piles of these fantastic shows. These kinds of shows are a personal favorite and I always find myself glued to my screen, mabe because of the adrenaline that comes together with it. Typically, it looks like your average murder mystery type of show. For instance, Baltimore nun Sr. Cesnik was murdered in 1969, her murder remained unsolved for 50 years, but the plot thickens when the motives of her death are dug deeper. It was believed she was about to take the cat out of the bag about sexual abuse happening to teenage girls where she taught.

Don’t miss The Keepers if you want a glimpse of true-crime drama.


This original Netflix series was aired last year and it lives up to its name. It begins with Marie, a student who is raped by an attacker who broke into her apartment one fateful night. She is traumatized by the event, and throughout weeks of questioning, Marie is accused of making up the story. Three years later, a similar case is being reviewed by authorities when questions start to mount about how many times the offender had struck and gotten away with it. This is a must-watch.

Also worth checking out: Dave by Lil Dicky

Popular rapper Lil Dicky has come back strong with a series that makes fun of his life. Although it is on Hulu, it is worth checking out. This is how he describes his brand in the movie: “Imagine what 2020 is like but its being described by someone who’s from 1920.” Theres a scene where he smokes pot with Young thug. It features appeatrrances by Justin bieber, YG and other famous faces.


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