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Floxip 500

The cold weather is here with us again. Everyone is affected by the weather and the air is full of bacteria. You are asking yourself the best antibiotic to use for that pneumonia that you are suffering from. Pillsbrothers is here to offer you help. There are a lot of antibiotics in our pharmacy. One of these antibiotics is Floxip 500 or what is sometimes known as ciprofloxacin.

Over the years, bacteria have been the cause of death of millions of people in the world. Today, the industrial revolution has also contributed more to the increase in bacterial infections. These infections include: bronchitis, pneumonia, plague, inhalation anthrax, joint disease, gonococcal infection and many more. All this infection can be treated by taking an antibiotic drug which will act on the bacteria to kills. One of the antibiotics that is used is floxip 500 (ciprofloxacin). You can get these capsules from online pharmacy.

Floxip drug belongs to fluoroquinolones class of the antibiotics. These capsules are bactericidal therefore, they work by killing bacteria. Their primary function of the drug is to block the enzymes that would be needed by the bacteria. Thus, once you have taken the drug you will feel better.

Since this drug is in the class of fluoroquinolones, people fear it. However, it is still in the marked thus it is still one of the best antibiotics. It is believed to be good bacteria but caution should be taken while using it. Sometimes patients decide to take OTC medicines instead of getting a prescription from the doctor. In this case caution should be considered if you want to use Floxip as it is not recommended in the treatment of simple urinary tract infection, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis. However, if this is the only treatment that is available then you can find at pillsbrothers shop.

Floxip 500 or ciprofloxacin only works best if you are suffering from a bacterial infection.  Studies have shown that it is not working on viral infection hence if you are suffering from flu, and the common cold then you can use ciprofloxacin antibiotics.

Ciprofloxacin antibiotics dose depends on the type of infection that an individual is suffering from. In case you are suffering from UTI and you cannot use any other antibiotic except for Floxip, then you will take the dose for seven days. It is also advisable that you don’t take dairy products if you are on ciprofloxacin medication. Therefore, the best you can do is to make sure that you take the products two hours before taking the drug.

In as much as you can use ciprofloxacin with dairy products, caution should be taken not to use the dairy products and calcium-fortified products. For those who are using supplements for women, you should not forget that this antibiotic should not be used with supplements that contain, magnesium, calcium, iron or multivitamins. If by any chance you use them then you should wait for 6 hours before taking the drug. Alternatively, you can take your supplements 2 hours after taking your drugs. Pillsbrothers shop is you number one online pharmacy for floxip 500 and many other drugs

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