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Dermatologist Tips to Treat Acne

Patience is a gift that many people don’t possess. Yes, it’s frustrating that some acne medication does not work instead, they make your skin look worse before the transformation. Either way, anyone who wants to get a clear skin must patiently wait for the improvement.

Best acne products cannot work overnight. If you are lucky, you will see improvement fairly quickly. However, you should not expect clear skin in the first, second or third week. All you need to do is to stick with your medication. Why, this is because the skin may need 8-10 weeks before you start seeing the results.

Best acne treatment (creams or serums) are derived from vitamin A which will act by trying to unclog the pores on your skin. Dr. Justine Kluk explains that “they are the treatment of choice for blackheads and closed comedones, the small, stubborn skin-colored bumps that often appear on the forehead and sides of the chicks and jawline.”

There is no one magic bullet to treat acne. The reason is that acne is caused by a cascade of different factors. Therefore, treating acne with one medicine or product is usually isn’t enough. Thus, for you to treat acne, you should attack it from different angles with a different type of agents which are also acting differently.

Below are the significant bits about the modern approach to the treatment of acne.

1.Topical treatment

Most people will start with that medication that they that are sold over the counter. This includes the keratolytic agents like salicylic and glycolic acid. These are exfoliants that work by chewing keratin protein which usually clogs the pores. You can also use vitamin A derivatives or topical antibiotics.

2. Oral medication

Oral medications need to be prescribed. They include antibiotics although dermatologists avoid their long-term use due to antibiotic resistance. Another oral treatment is to try to address hormonal issues, since some acne are caused by hormonal imbalances. Therefore, you will get drugs that will help solve the hormonal issues.

The pros

Retinoids/ skin treatment products prompt the cells on the skin to regenerates faster. I know you are asking yourself how. “This is because retinoids stimulate collagen production and exfoliants the top layer of the skin cells,” says Consultant Dermatologist, author of the skin bible. Dr. Anjali Mahto. “This all helps to reduce the formation of blackheads or whiteheads or acne lesions.

The corns

Although best acne products help in treating your acne, they also have some side effects too. These side effects include, redness, dryness, itching, and stinging says, Dr. Kluk. But a good dermatologist will give you the best acne treatment and also explain to you the tips on how to introduce them into your skincare routine. The dermatologist will also explain to you the best skin care combination that will help you in improving tolerability.

At pillsbrothers online shop, we offer you such services to make sure that our clients get the best outcome as they try to treat acne. We have experts who are dedicated to serving you best. They do this by giving you the best advice and allowing you to receive your drugs at your doorstep.

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