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3 Benefits of ED medication beyond a strong erection

Usually, when we talk of erectile dysfunction pills, you tend to think of them being a solution to sexual problems. Yes, it is true that ED products (Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil, Dapoxetine) are used in solving the sexual problem, thus they help you to get and maintain an erection long enough to sustain intercourse.

Apart from being erectile dysfunction, ED pills can be used beyond intercourse issues. Since Viagra or Sildenafil has been in the market for the long, a lot of studies have been conducted to prove that it is useful in the treatment of other conditions. Yes, it is believed that all these ED products have more or less the same ingredients. Thus it is thought that this ED medication can be used beyond a firm erection. The other conditions include Pulmonary hypertension.

The pulmonary artery is the artery that carries blood to the lungs. If these arteries are blocked or thicken, then blood will be pressure will increase a condition known as pulmonary hyperbaton. The symptoms of this condition include;

•    Breathlessness

•    Feeling dizzy

•    Fatigue

•    Lower limb swelling

•    Chest pain

•    Palpitations

If you are suffering from this condition, then it means that your heart is overworked to make sure that it pumps blood. Therefore, you will need a PDE-5 inhibitor. Thus you will need Sildenafil to help in relaxing the arteries; thus, the pressure will fall back to normal.

Altitude sickness

Those from this condition have a problem of sufficient oxygen anytime they are at a high altitude. You will, therefore, experience the following symptoms; exhaustion, nausea, and sickness. Thus, with a PDE-5 inhibitor medication like tadalafil, your body will be able to try to tolerate oxygen as you escalate the mountain.

Heart failure

Anytime you experience heart failure problem, and you are often advised to keep off sex. However, with the help of a PDE-5 inhibitor like avanafil, you are allowed to have a bit of exercise. Sexual activity is one such exercise that the doctor will give you the go-ahead to try. Avanafil will lower your heart rate and blood pressure as well.


Since you have known the benefits erectile dysfunction pills, I believe you are wondering how best to get this medication. I have an answer for you. You can buy your medicine online to keep your condition a secret.  Pillsbrothers is one of the top trusted generic pills online pharmacy.

You can, therefore, buy generic drugs online to help you increase your sexual stamina and all these other conditions that are named above.

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