Interest to
pay with Bitcoin?

If you prefer using bitcoin, it's to your advantage, "bitcoin live payment" as it will provide you checkout of receiving an instant 15% discount of your order. Please note that you have to have bitcoin available as you have to pay for your order during checkout.

If you do not have bitcoin in your wallet, you will have to buy bitcoin first. "bitcoin live payment" is available to all customers in all countries.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

US - Residents have various methods of buying Bitcoin. One of the methods used is by buying bitcoins from specific ATMs located near you. To find out if the ATM is in your area, check following page:


Coinbase is the most common bitcoin broker used around the world including the US. To access coinbase, you can either search it through or via app.
About Coinbase
Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin (BTC) broker. Coinbase offers an easy and fast way to new users who want to purchase bitcoins.
Coinbase is used by over 30countries including, united states, Europe, UK, Singapore, Canada, UK and Australia.

How to Link
You can link your Debit card and ACH account with coinbase. You can check out our website using your bank account as you would be required to write a cheque.

How to pay with Bitcoin?

Please note that you need to have Bitcoin available in your wallet as the order has to be paid while checking out.

If you do not have Bitcoin in your Wallet, you will have to buy Bitcoin first. Bitcoin Live Payment is available to all Customers.

Step 01

Make sure you have bitcoin avaible in you wallet before ordering


Step 02

Your individual btc wallet and the exact amount in btc will be displayed during checkout.

Step 03

Use the withdrawal/ send function of your wallet to send the exact amount in btc to the displayed wallet as sample.

Step 04

Your transaction will be confirmed in seconds. Before shipping, your order willbe marked as paid. You will also receive a payment confirmation email from us.

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