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iCare Herpes II Rapid Screen Test

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Icare Herpes Ii Rapid Screen Test x 3 $34.90 $117.00 $104.70
Icare Herpes Ii Rapid Screen Test x 4 $29.00 $51.30 $116.00


Product Information


iCare Herpes II Test Kit is a home test kit that is used to detect Herpes Type II which commonly causes genital herpes. The test kit detects for antibodies that develop when a person is infected, to fight the viral infection. These antibodies may be detected even when an infected person has no symptoms. If a person thinks that he/she has been exposed to the virus, that person must wait at least 2 weeks before using this home test kit.




iCare Herpes II Test Kit is manufactured by JAL Innovation Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Proper Use of the Test Kit


Carefully follow the instructions.


1        Open the pouch and place the cassette on a level surface.

2        Wash hands with soap and water to avoid contamination. Open the Alcohol prep pad and clean the finger with it. Wait for the area to dry, avoid blowing on it.

3        Twist the protective cap and pull to remove it.

4        Press the lancet on the puncture site to prick the finger.

5        Squeeze the finger and collect blood sample using the micro pipette

6        Add about 2 drops of blood sample from the pipette into the sample well of the cassette.

7        Read the result within 15 minutes.


If test result is positive, a doctor must be consulted immediately.


This test kit is for in-vitro use only. After the test, the kit must be disposed properly because of the infectious risk. The kit must not be used more than once.